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Ordo Satanas is seeking your book donations! The Ordo Satanas Research Library is in the beginning stages of development. The Library will be open to Ordo Satanas Members by appointment only in Los Angeles Ca.

If you have books that you would like to contribute to the Ordo Satanas Research Library you can send them with USPS Media Mail to:


2409 W 54th St

Los Angeles CA 90043

All who donate will have their names permanently documented as contributors to the Library.

Currently we are seeking books that fall into the subject categories of Satanism, Occult, Witchcraft, Religion, Magic, Cults, Taboo, History, Counter Culture, Hypnotism, Alchemy, Secret Societies, & other similar topics. If you are unsure if the books you would like to donate fall under the wanted subject you are welcome to email

Any books donated that will not be used in our library will be sold to pay for the costs of the library or donated to the appropriate places. Feel free to send any books you think might support the cause.

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