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Is a Satanic Culture Brand

Owned and operated by the LaVey Family

and Members of Ordo Satanas.

BaphometX has Fused with and


 Buy some curious gifts for that special Witch or Warlock in your life. 


Official licensing images of Anton LaVey and the LaVey Family

for your website, magazine, film or product purposes.


“Satan’s Streaming Site” is membership based streaming platform.

Membership fee is $6.66 a month

Available to stream are an array of bizarre films from Stanton LaVey’s

personal archive as well as some offerings from the Archives of Aesthetic Nihilism.

The site boasts the largest collection of Anton LaVey in film anywhere!


Site members receive invites to online and in person events.


The rekindling of the original

LaVeyan Church of Satan pre 1975

Ordo Satanas is open for the initial membership application

Ordo Satanas has not yet been officially founded

the date is soon to be announced.

Applicants will be approved or denied in

order of receipt of application.



Articles, News, and Stories

BaphometX is open to story submissions.

Email for submissions


Email inquiries regarding BaphometX to:

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