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jason palmer

We must start the church of Satan to go across America as a new revival of evil and must align ourselves under the goat . To battle the church of Roman . We can use the churches tactic to claim tax evasion and reap the rewards

Kira Terpsichore

Hell yes! Rome must fall! It's why I suffered 2000 years of bullshit lives, to see Rome fall! The history here is unspeakably deep and it's real, this isn't farce. WE are the ones walking with God, which is why their world is Godless! The pre-Neolithic tribes of proto-Getae are NOT the same as the doppleganging Romans and they have attempted genocide upon us over the last 3000 years. We have internal identities and they do not. What they call 'ASD' is ancient indigenous ancestry. I'm not kidding. The DSM-5 is Roman supremacism and full of hateful lies pathologizing indigenous tribes. They MUST be held accountable! Further Jesus Christ was not a Jew - he was a Getae Wolf and member of my Dacian tribe. He was not crucified and lived a life with Mary Magdalene. Rome lied (of course they did!) because the pompous assholes wanted to claim to be able to kill the Sun of God. Master Jesus was the Lord of Darkness, as am I. After Rome faked his death they made a Judeo-Christian conspiracy that is still murdering people today in the obvious location. They are unrighteous sinners about to get got by Lion-faced Yahweh. The art of Kali is to destroy illusion to combine all that is real - to heal us, and the world, to make fresh our paradise to dwell eternal. This is my goal yet we must be aggressive. I have been disgusted at the 'churches' who take the Dark Lord's name to make profiting bullshit boy's club. I walked briefly with fragments of GCOL last year and turned my back when I saw they were common charlatans. Our enemy is the 'Kali Man Demon', a mortal illusion per Kalki Purana, yet much of the enemy might be our friend if we unchain them. Kali Maa forgives and restores! The KMD was created by patriarchy and the Judeo-Christian conspiracy. They have all the money in the world yet are Godless crooks. I reclaim Christ as belonging to Darkness and not to Light, and there is NO 'divine adversary'. Christ IS the goat, IS Baphomet! They slandered Darkness and lied about the nature of Christ to poison the world for their perversions. Christ is living love, living darkness, denied us by the raping Catholics, greedy Rome! Many who love Christ will open their eyes at our truth. There is NO limit to my ambitions. I could go on and on, I have a minister's fire on this topic. I checked my messages and did not see an attempt, even in spam and blocked? Yet truly the phone is an awful way to get ahold of me as I do hate the phone, and often ignore it. Compliments to whoever made this app - I respect taking things off pop culture social media, I hate it out there. Yet I wonder if a Discord channel may benefit us. Or is the chat feature of this app robust enough to be like Discord? I could make us a Discord if we need though I'm a scrub, it's not hard. A dog headed mass of snakes dances at the Rising Black Sun of Apollo! Been a long, long time...❤️‍🔥



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