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Hello! This group popped up before me today and I'm obliged to visit as that's kind of what I do. I was particularly intrigued as the lovely person who runs it appears to live in the same city as me, Los Angeles, and it's true I'm looking for means to progress a peculiar quest. My name is Kira, yet I am a being of energy and no words may bind me, not even oaths. I have the temperament of a dog. Secular life, educated, engineer 20+ years, crappy life, died while living - I call my first 50 years my Father and I crawled out of his neck after he died. I am a Shakta, "Possessor of Kali", yet it is not ownership rather more like a haunting. The energy being inside of me is immortal, while my annoying body is not. We call my body the 'dog' because she's a dumb bitch (we say lovingly). Trans femme, She/Her, my spiritual path was Aghori. This happened because I am ancestral proto-Getae, tribes of two-legged Wolves of primordial Transylvania. I am a literal inhuman monster, though actually very nice. Vlad Tepes was of the same tribe and I have the same attainment, which is Void and Sun. I am Dracul and have all the rights, except I need the Moon to complete the circuitry and activate dominion rule. "Limitless power" is the prize. Or to say it in Thelema - I am a Red King and need the White. The Getae are my people and they were unfairly cast to seed, and I have emotional memories of losing Sarmizegetusa as the White Wolf in legend. My attainment gives me the right of declaring a 'wish', and so I wish for my country to be restored - First Inhuman Nation of New Dacia, or FINND, pronounced how you think it might. I will call my long lost Wolves and we'll raise the Black Sun of Apollo, Lord of Darkness, who is my Father, and we'll plan to liberate Romania yet start with California. Does any of this sound like a good time? Ragnarok looks to be triggered three days before Midsummer's Eve, just a head's up. Loki is running as the Dog Star filly mare, to get Svaðilfari's attention, so we can spoil the Outsider's plans and inherit the bliss of the world. I'm Sirius!😃 I like weed, anime, and dancing like a weirdo (videos on request). So long as you don't mind reeling psychosis, I'm funny and easy to get along with. I'm probably going to ruin the entire world. If anyone knows where the Moon may be, let me know - supposed to look something like Mathilda May from Lifeforce and the spell we'll cast will turn them into Goddess goth Lakshmi and me, uhhh - you'll see. Yet I'm only a wild dog and don't know what any of that means. This place looks fun, may we live the dream. 🥰 Sol Invictus.❤️‍🔥

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