Next Level brand 100% thin cotton
American Apparel style high quality 
discharge / silkscreen combo for the 
softest feeling lightweight designer look! 

Based on the cover art from the first edition printing of Anton Szandor LaVey's 
“The Satanic Bible.” 


Rare in that the image of Anton LaVey on the back of this shirt is typically disrupted by a bar code that was added to the back cover of the book in later printings. The only way to acquire this image without the bar code which would typically be covering Anton’s hands - one no longer needs to scour book stores for an expensive if tattered first edition Satanic Bible in order to express their allegiance to our unholy savior Anton Szandor LaVey.


This deceptively simple design will have your friends and coworkers wanting to know “Where did you get that shirt?” to which you can tell them that there is only one place to buy it:

Features a small two inch Sigil of Baphomet at the middle center of the chest on the shirts front side and an enlarged image of 

Church of Satan Founding High Priest Anton LaVey on the back. 

Modeled by Madelina Horn 
Made in the USA by Leviathan Artworks 

First Edition Satanic Bible Cover Art T-shirt