"We Don't Love Everybody!" An Unpublished Pre-CoS Rant By Anton LaVey - LIVE Reading By SZL on 6/20!

Updated: Jun 19

“The Satanic Bible” was first published in 1969, three years after the formation of the Church of Satan in 1966. The latter being the title officially given to what is historically recognized as the first above-ground religion dedicated to the devil - not the maniacally laughing kind with forked tongue and horns who most of us can expect to be escorted via pitchfork and a mean hook shot into the fiery pits of Hell below - but rather the idea of what Satan represents, as an archetype; the embodiment of adversarial skepticism on the one hand and hedonistic indulgence in all things pleasurable (or sinful depending on which way your cross hangs) on the other.

Anton LaVey, my grandad now deceased but far from forgotten, who penned the book as the central text of the religion he invented was a masterful musician, organ being his instrument of choice, he never learned how to read sheet music, instead playing by ear. No big surprise that the man who the horror movie character “Doctor Phibes” played by Vincent Price, was based on, was able to so skillfully apply his gift of perfect timing to recognizing the pitch perfect point in history to pull off the ‘branding’ (puns are very satanic) that was the culmination of centuries of growing intrigue in all things diabolical. What would have earned Anton a certain death by burning at the stake as a witch in the 18th century gained him notoriety, and some decent coin in the 20th! Before he had fully dedicated himself to the doctrine of diabolos, opening the door to his black painted three story Victorian era abode in San Francisco, he held weekly lectures on topics of an occult and paranormal nature for a group of peculiar types who collectively became known as “the Magic Circle.” Sometimes single page printed sheets were passed out and a few times the text shared with the group (Anton charged a whopping $2.50 per attendee - one can't say the man wasn’t at least a bit modest) would be a rant written as though dictated to him by Satan incarnate. These mimeographed pages were printed on primary colored paper and, once collected by LaVey’s disciples, became referred to as “rainbow sheets.” These unpublished short form essays, class schedules, price lists and membership requirements for joining “the Satanic Order” grow increasingly rare as time rolls on. Although I didn’t enter the equation until 1978, one would never guess by my vintage collection of all things Anton & Satan!

I will be doing a live reading of this and other unpublished and rare written works of Anton LaVey via zoom on June 20th at 7pm pst in the tradition of Magic Circle meetings. Tickets to my Satanic Sermon are available for purchase at

From the original rainbow sheets, I present…