In 2001 Stanton LaVey opened his outsider art gallery and bookstore ODIUM on Sunset Strip. Stanton is the grandson of Anton Szandor LaVey, the legendary founding father of Satanism. ODIUM was a pandoras box of counter-culture artwork and extremist propaganda that created a flurry of interest from curiosity seekers. ODIUM provided art for collectors like Marilyn Manson and Glenn Danzig as well as research materials for producers like Don Murphy and Rick Ruben. ODIUM received global praise as “the strangest store ever” and was featured in an LA WEEKLY feature written by performance artist Ron Athey. Since then Stanton has been on tv shows, has recorded music for film, and has been featured in numerous book publications such as “Art That Kills”, “Charles Manson NOW” and “The New Transsexuals.” From Stanton’s infernal beginnings in the black house in San Francisco where the Church of Satan originally was headquartered to The Zephyr Theater at 7456 Melrose Ave. Stanton will be hosting the “Church of Stanton” and his first ODIUM unpop-up shop on July 19th 2018 from 9am-9pm.

ODIUM will be open to the public at the Zephyr Theater gift shop adjacent to the breezeway and box office.

Stanton LaVey will be screening never before seen clips of his grandfather playing organ and being interviewed by Adam Parfrey, Feral House publisher and lifelong friend of Stanton’s as well as never before seen documentary film of the late Adam Parfrey lecturing on his book “Extreme Islam” at ODIUM. Stanton will be presenting these features and engaging the audience in light conversation on these and other topics from 7pm on.

- ODIUM unpop-up shop 9am-9pm

selling extremist and satanic themed:







- Church of Stanton 7pm-9pm

Tickets $20

screening previously unreleased film footage of:

-Adam Parfrey’s slideshow presentation on the book “Extreme Islam”

-Anton LaVey playing organ and being interviewed by Adam Parfrey

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