Grandson of the Black Pope Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of The Satanic Bible with a One Night Onl

Updated: Aug 28

Stanton LaVey, grandson of Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997), will be hosting a triple feature film festival of the 1970 documentary Satanis – The Devil’s Mass along with two other never-before-seen short films staring Anton LaVey on October 30th at the Landmark Theater at 57 West in New York City. This screening is a tribute to Stanton’s late grandfather, Anton LaVey, who died 21 years ago on October 29, 1997. It also marks the 50 year anniversary of the authoring of The Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey’s classical best-selling book that brought Satanism into the mainstream.

Stanton was raised In “The Black House”; the official Church of Satan headquarters, with Anton LaVey as his father figure. Throughout Stanton’s life, he has collected, preserved, and recently remastered an unrivaled archive of film footage featuring his legendary grandfather. Stanton will be speaking and sharing family stories related to the films. A Q&A will commence following the films.

Satanis – The Devil’s Mass is a 1970 documentary about Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan during the 1960’s counter-culture. The film depicts rituals conducted by High Priest Anton. The film co-stars the LaVey’s “family pet” lion Togare. Satanis is a rare and valuable insight into the world of the Church of Satan circa 1969. The film includes interviews with Anton LaVey, his family members, Church of Satan members, neighbors, as well Christian priests and Mormon Missionaries and their reactions to what was then the new religion of Satanism. At the time of its release, Satanis was considered to be the most shocking film of its time, providing the mainstream American masses with its first views into true occult activity.

Following the film screening, Stanton will be hosting a special VIP-only book signing of The Satanic Bible 50th Anniversary Re-Vision written by Doctor Michael Aquino (Founder of the Temple of Set) which is a modernized and expanded reworking of Anton LaVey’s original Satanic Bible. This new Satanic Bible was published in August of 2018 and boasts a forward by SATAN & an afterword by Stanton. The Original Satanic Bible was published in 1969 and has consistently been a top selling theological and philosophical text. It has been praised by various members of academia for being, “a razor sharp…primer in natural and supernatural law,” as well as, “the best-known and most influential statement of Satanic theology.” Since The Satanic Bible’s release, it has stood not only as masterpiece evaluation of human nature, but has imbedded itself in American popular culture.

Stanton has only shown these films on one other occasion in Los Angeles on August 11th at the Zephyr Theatre. The screenings received rave reviews from and If you are going to be in New York for Halloween you won’t want to miss this show!

Travel back in time if you will to 1969 when the axis of aquarius made it’s last turn entering us into it’s new bright age! Take a trip down memory alley and remember a simpler time filled with magic & wonder with Anton & Stanton LaVey.

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Doors Open At 7:00pm

Show Starts At 7:30pm

The Landmark at 57 West is located at:

657 West 57th Street at 12th Ave

New York, NY 10019