Dangerous Minds on Anton LaVey Drawings


Several drawings attributed to The Satanic Bible’s notorious author Anton LaVey, dating from the late ‘60s and early 1970s, have turned up on eBay. As provenance goes, they’re purportedly from the collection of the late iconoclast’s namesake grandson, Stanton LaVey, a controversial figure himself—but none of the works are signed. That, or the perhaps high-ish opening bid requests could be why they’ve not attracted any action thus far—$666 is a fittingly cheeky asking price, but arguably a bit much for a 3.5” doodle, even one by so infamous a figure. And that’s the lowest price point for any of these items.

None of the works offered are what you’d call finished drawings, which is fair enough, art isn’t what the man was known for. Some are simply doodle pages, but the most interesting pieces are the more fully realized:

The best piece of all, though, is LaVey’s annotated caricature of the typical ‘70s male, a witty sketch that sums up LaVey’s famous contempt for normalcy and trend-obeisance.

Since the photography is kind of crap, here’s the list of attributes, clockwise from top right.

  • Low ears to accommodate sunglass design

  • Little gold chain

  • High armpits to elevate arms away from body (makes stance more butch)

  • He-man hair (permed)

  • Narrow arms to accommodate shirtsleeve

  • Coors belt buckle (very butch)

  • Tiny hands to accommodate tiny pockets

  • Jeans (what else?)

  • Cowboy boots (butch)

  • 38” legs to step over tennis net (or if cop, to chase jaywalkers and dangerous whores)

  • 6” rise brings self-awareness of existence of genitals which would otherwise be lost in space

  • Nipped chest of shirt makes shoulders appear bigger and adds air space between arms and body (more butch)

  • Oneofakind mustache

  • No forehead (looks younger)

  • Blow-dry hair

The auction, if you’re interested, ends on Wednesday morning. Best of luck. While you ponder your bid, enjoy this incredible footage of LaVey from—I shit you not—an ACTUAL CHILDREN’S TV SHOW in the 1960s.

(See Youtube Brother Buzz)

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