The Black Pope & The Blonde Bombshell Anton LaVey & Jayne Mansfield - Publicity Wizards or A

Updated: Jul 8

The Black Pope -

Anton LaVey


The Blonde Bombshell -

Jayne Mansfield

Black & White

Taken in 1966 at the actresses Hollywood home which she decorated and had painted entirely in pink and which the starlet gave the moniker "The Pink Palace" after one of her first of many visits to LaVey's "Black House" - a tribute to Anton, the man whom she openly regarded as her personal guru and confidant.

The true nature of LaVey & Mansfield's relationship and the extent of their involvement in each others lives has long been the subject of more denial than debate on the part of the Hollywood publicity machine.

As is so often the case with historic evidences and the deliberate covering up of them - the potency of the truth hidden endures and outlasts the efforts to conceal and erase a very real magic. Such is how the lore of LaVey's involvement with Mansfield has until only very recently been widely (and falsely) regarded as a single event photo publicity stunt that LaVey was snubbed for one more outrageously opportunistic invention of a con artist and charlatan for his (LaVey) having for decades, right up to his dying day, blamed himself openly for being responsible for the death of Mansfield after having cast a curse upon Mansfield's lover/lawyer/ manager Sam Brody.

As it turns out LaVey's relationship with Mansfield was the furthest thing from a publicity stunt. Jayne Mansfield noticed LaVey at a film festival and was so taken by his presence alone she insisted on a private meeting to be arranged for her to meet The Black Pope in person. This meeting led to another, and then another and before long Mansfield was calling on LaVey for advice on all matters of her personal & professional life. Eventually Mansfield, like Sammy Davis Jr. after her, became an honorary Priestess in The Church of Satan - a title which she took very seriously even to the extent of wearing her powder pink Baphomet medallion everywhere she went - the amulet was made custom for the sex symbol by LaVey's then wife and Church of Satan Founding High Priestess Diane as a gesture of her acceptance and trust of Mansfield and her ever increasing closeness to Mr. LaVey.

The true story of Anton LaVey's involvement with Jayne Mansfield can simply no longer be ignored or denied. With the 2016 publishing of over 100 photos many of which feature photos taken of LaVey & Mansfield, the book "California Infernal" is a tell all in the form of what until now was believed to be a history entirely fabricated by LaVey.

If Anton LaVey has the diabolical power to materialize photographs of himself with Jayne Mansfield after they both are no longer amongst the living, photographs that according to 50 years of so called authorities having told the public do not exist, that would make Anton LaVey nothing less than a modern day Merlin. Or is it more likely that Anton LaVey wasn't the fraud he is so often accused of being and with that said should it be any surprise at all that we do not have a single face to place with the countless names of LaVey's detractors? This photo print is a 13X exclusive.

From the book "California Infernal" - this photo was taken by German paparazzo Walter Fischer.

From the collection of Alf Wahlgren.

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