Collectors Photo Print of Anton LaVey with Famous Monster Friend - Here's the story!

Updated: Jul 8

Anton Szandor LaVey visits long time friend and fellow film fetishist Forrest J. Ackerman at his notorious Hollywood home dubbed "The Ackermansion", a sort of Black House of the south.

The Ackermansion was equipped with 'real' animatronic monsters that would seemingly jump out of various passageways and rooms to scare the regular guests of this veritable Monster Museum which housed among some of its more legendary display pieces Dracula's actual ring as worn by Bela Lugosi and seemingly never ending treasures from the golden age of horror.

Remembered by many for being the creator and editor in chief of the first horror movie fanzine "Famous Monsters of Filmland", 'Forry' as his friends called him can be seen as an influence and inspiration to everything from The Misfits album "Famous Monsters" to the existence of Fangoria magazine and its subsequent conventions.

Forry was a Vincent Price's stand in and double of choice for decades. A bit of lesser known occult trivia: Forrest Ackerman's first gig in Hollywood was as publicist to a virtually unknown sci-fi writer named L. Ron Hubbard who is remembered by most for having invented the pop religion Scientology.

And if all of that isn't cool enough, Forry literally coined the abbreviated term for Science Fiction. That's right, there would be no Sci-Fi channel or anything else for that matter had it not been for this monster movie maverick.

This photo print is a 13X exclusive. From the book "California Infernal" - this photo was taken by German paparazzo Walter Fischer. From the collection of Alf Wahlgren.

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